Why are insects SDGs?

I think that the Sustainable Development Goals have permeated japan to some extent, but it has been five years since the SDGs were adopted.


In the most recent UN report, he says that with climate change, which remains the biggest challenge, there are as many as one million species of flora and fauna, including endangered insects.

It’s also difficult to imagine with too many numbers.



Children are pure.
Rather than lining up academic numbers, I’m making things out of the hope that the first step is to get insects to be attached and intimate through insect collections and INSECT LAND.



Parents and children can create relationships with nature, and we can increase the number of people who care about the natural environment, thinking about the greatness of life and the long history of the earth.

We make picture books and nurture clothes because we believe that it is essential to approach the early childhood in which human formation is done in order to increase the number of people who can take action with the desire to protect nature and to take action with the right knowledge, and to contribute to the SDGs comprehensively.



Some data show that children with a lot of natural experiences are more likely to become active and adults with high communication skills.



It may be important to learn cram school sand sports, but if you want to develop leadership and communication skills, I would definitely recommend a natural experience.



Insect Collection and LAND INSECT are also planning natural experience events to be held nationwide for next spring and summer. Please look forward to!



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