This year is more than a year. Let’s think about the measures against heat stroke in children.

A period of self-imposed self-imposed stay for a long period of time.

Sometimes i go out and walk, and I’m impatient that I’m more tired than before.

Lack of exercise and decreased physical fitness are a problem, but heat stroke is something that you need to be aware of in the coming seasons.



You need to sweat to get the heat out of your body.
In order to sweat well, there is a “heat accuation” that gradually gets used to the heat every year, but this year, because the chance of going out is reduced, the body is not becoming hot, and there is a concern that the risk of becoming heat stroke increases.



In addition, it is expected that there are a lot of going out swearing masks this summer.
The air you inhale becomes warmer, the heat becomes difficult to escape from the body, or a lot of energy is used by breathing with a mask, and the risk of heat stroke increases by raising the body temperature.




Global warming is also affecting the extreme heat.

Global warming is no longer a problem in the future, and it is beginning to affect our lives.



Some people may take it for granted, but many people have argued that abnormal weather should be considered separately from global warming.


Abnormal weather has little cumulative data, resulting in accidental overlap of the “fluctuations” inherent in the atmosphere, so it was impossible to separate only the effects of global warming on a single case.



Last year, however, research teams, including the National Institute for Environmental Studies and the University of Tokyo, published a paper that proves that the heat could not have occurred unless global warming associated with human emissions from human-originated greenhouse gases was taken into account by a groundbreaking method that requires the latest technology, such as event attribution.



Children’s bodies are more prone to dehydration than adults. The reason is that the ability to regulate the temperature is immature, and a lot of moisture is lost to the weight by urine and sweat.

Children tend to forget hydration and become addicted to something.
I want you to put on your favorite water bottle and accompany the outside play.


If you leave the sweat as it is, you will become in a hurry.
It is also recommended to wrap a sports towel around the neck with awning measures and a set.


INSECT MARKET(インセクトマーケット)
昆虫大集合スポーツタオル-INSECT MARKET(インセクトマーケット)
今治で織られた上質なタオルにInsect Collectionを代表する9種類の昆虫が勢揃い!80cm×32cmと使いやすいスポーツタオルは、お出かけのマストアイテム!===============※収益の一部は自然保護や昆虫生体保護などの貢献事業に活かされます。


A breathable hat is also the basis of heat stroke prevention.
It is said that the temperature which affects the head changes as much as five degrees if it suffers and it does not suffer.

Straw hats and insect large set hats that you can choose from your favorite insect brooch are popular regardless of gender.



Logo cap that the back is mesh is a long-selling product!




We hope that children will be able to collect insects and play outside with care about their physical condition.


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