The thread equivalent to the five-story building per animal! Enjoying a few play with insect embroidered shirts

Hit item from the brand start [insect total embroidery shirt]


INSECT MARKET(インセクトマーケット)
【かまきりくんリラックスシャツ】速乾・アイロン要らずな総刺繍ストライプ オレン...

Of course, the most popular is the bite.

A cute piece of cute little Kamayaki-kun embroidered all over the shirt.


Such embroidery….

The thread needed to embroider one animal is 15m! It is sewn with about 2,500 needles.

When it comes to 15 m, it is theheight of a five-story building.



Even the smallest S-size is scattered about 40 animals, and it is made of the thread of about 600m per arrival.

Because the embroidery of the leaf is added, a total of 800m!


Kamayaki-kun is 600m and the leaf is 200m. How many meters of yarn are you using in total?
I use 15m of yarn per animal. Count on whether you’re in a shirt or a maki-kun. How many meters of yarn are you using in total?



Besides the total embroidery shirt, how to enjoy is infinite!

If it’s a large set of insects,


INSECT MARKET(インセクトマーケット)
昆虫大集合Tシャツ ホワイト キッズ オーガニックコットン使用-INSECT MARKET(イ...
Count how many butterflies there are in front and back. How many in front and back?




If it’s a cardigan with insect buttons aligned


INSECT MARKET(インセクトマーケット)
昆虫ボタン勢揃いカーディガン ベージュ-INSECT MARKET(インセクトマーケット)
Insect Collectionの昆虫9種類が一匹ずつボタンになった「昆虫ボタンシリーズ」が初お目見え。シンプルに見えて、近づくと昆虫が楽しい!昆虫モチーフをさりげなく取り入れられるアイテムです。カーディガンは、上品なラウンドネックで、ストレートなシルエット。イ...
How many seconds is hoe from the top?
Mr. And The Head and The Head. How many insects are there in between?



If it is a pants that the head and mushi-kun VS hoe is a hat and a mouth


INSECT MARKET(インセクトマーケット)
かぶとむしくんVSくわがたくんパンツ ベージュ-INSECT MARKET(インセクトマーケッ...
ついに登場!かぶとむしくんとくわがたくんが元気いっぱいプリントされたパナマ生地のハーフパンツは、夏らしさ100%!普段のおでかけはもちろん、砂浜などのレジャーにもおすすめの素材です! =============== ※収益の一部は自然保護や昆虫生体保護な...
How many feet do you have each, each of you, and your hoe? How many legs do you have when you add two?


Children love quizzes and insects!

I would be happy if parents and children could enjoy playing with them and talk about the possibilities of expression that can be made in something familiar, such as yarn.


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