Clothes nurtured through masks and thanks to insect collection customers

Yesterday, i received more feedback than expected from the mask, and the release was sold out immediately.
We are very sorry that you do not reach the person who wants to purchase.
Since it is under additional production, i hope you will wait for a while now.



The price of this mask is firmly attached to the price, and we set it to 500 yen.

“Children don’t like white masks, so I want a mask with a cute insect pattern. It is a project that was born from a keen message as a guardian.
I didn’t think it was good at high-end because it was made in Japan, or it was expensive because it was with a donation.



It may take a little time, but we will continue to produce additional products to keep up with the supply that reaches all of you who want to buy, so we ask that you do not buy expensive resale products in terms of safety.



Yesterday, we were very happy for the staff.
Our mail order system is a mechanism that one person can actually order many times.
Orders that appear to be the same customer were sold before shipment with the intention of being scrutinized.



However, when i checked the data after it was sold out, there were almost no people who ordered multiple times.
Even if there was still enough, it was very warm to be able to deliver it to the customer as widely as possible.

Thank you very much for your understanding.




Dressing is also about learning manners and ethics through clothes.


This donation will not only create educational opportunities for Children in Africa, but will also be used for activities to save lives.

It is an ethical consumption that the purchasing activity of the papa mama in Japan who thinks about the child can be turned into the desire to the child in africa far away.

It is against our meaning that this project is used for the simple profits of individuals (purchase for resale purposes).



Children are very watching whether adults observe manners and rules.
I would like to keep calm and be aware of ethical behavior soured by children.



Most of those who choose Insect Collection and LAND INSECT don’t just want to wear cute clothes, they pay attention to the importance of visual information and sustainable initiatives.


Through the sale of masks, we are grateful once again for being supported by our wonderful customers.

We will continue to work together with you to contribute to the learning of children and to make things.


“I’d like to buy a little more for washing. “I have a lot of brothers. We are also aware of the needs.
There is also a button to notify you of the re-arrival, please register if you like.


INSECT MARKET(インセクトマーケット)
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In terms of other products, we often receive feedback on out-of-stock products, but we have decided to tackle the issue of inventory disposal in apparel, and we have protected inventory loss of 0 (zero) bynot making them too much.


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We are sorry to keep you waiting, but we will continue to work hard to keep up with the supply, so please continue to enjoy your patronage.


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